Springport Bookbindery

Hoag & Sons’ was first known as the Springport Bookbindery, which was established in 1893 in Springport, Michigan by John Ellsworth Hoag. A poultry farmer by trade, Hoag began book binding as a personal hobby and eventually turned it into a profession. Hoag’s son and grandson later took over the business, and changed the name to Hoag and Sons’, Inc. The company bound books, periodicals and newspapers, before eventually focusing on the binding of periodicals and newspapers.

In January 2003, Hoag & Sons’ was purchased by Media Technologies, Inc. Hoag & Sons’ services now range from traditional hard cover binding and microfilming services to fully searchable, web-based solutions for information retrieval and archiving.
Preserving published history throughout the U.S. for more than 110 years!