Our Customer Testimonials

Macon C. McGinley

“Our student newspaper’s archives date back to 1925 and were slowly disintegrating before our eyes. Microfilm was the first step toward more permanent archives, but we found that our 21st-century students also wanted the accessibility of a digital archive. Hoag and Sons worked with us to take advantage of today’s innovations in technology to provide the most utility to our readers and future generations of researchers.”

Macon C. McGinleyGeorgia College & State University
Nicholson Baker

“Binding newsfiles is the only process to preserve the art of newspapers. Future generations will not experience first hand the art of our written past!”

Nicholson Baker“Double Fold”
Joseph P. Louchheim

“Our newspapers have been the papers of record for our community for more than 100 years. It’s vital we preserve this record for future generations. We’ve chosen Hoag and Sons because it takes this responsibility as seriously as we do. Its work is of the finest quality, and we’ve got the bound volumes nearly 100-years old to prove it.”

Joseph P. LouchheimSouthampton Town Newspapers
The Daytona Times, Florida

“A clipping from a newspaper’s archive speaks for itself as an authentic record of history. Archived news files make it easy for lawyers, officials, businesses and scholars to obtain information even years after initial publication.”

The Daytona Times
Gordon Morgan

“Thanks to the very generous help from Hoag & Sons, who converted all back issues of the Echoes on a CD. Not only converted them, but alphabetized the stories, ships and units so one can do detailed searches. We had thought for some time how we could preserve our stories for future generations and make these available through other museums. Hoag & Sons, again many thanks for making all this possible.”

Gordon MorganGuadalcanal Campaign Veterans
Kevin Olson

“We work hard to produce a paper that informs the public and is also visually stimulating. It is a gift for us to be able to preserve the product of our hard work in its entirety for future generations.”

Kevin OlsonJackson Hole Daily